DOA and other Policies

DOA: Death on Arrival
  • One of Nature at Works top priorities is fish health. It is for this reason that we offer same day delivery (from date of dispatch) via our specialist technicians. And why we offer free water testing and acclimation assistance on delivery. 
  • However, fish deaths still do occurs, this may be due to pre-existing conditions, stress or other factors. For this reason we have our DOA policy.
  • Any fish delivered and acclimated by one of our techs comes with a 24 hour guarantee. 
  • This guarantee is only accepted when one of our own techs delivers and aclimates the fish to ensure it is done correctly. 
  • This is voided if another pre-existing fish in the tank attacks or stresses the new fish to the point of death. Or if the water test done comes back as being unsuited to the fish. Or if the tank is uncycled. 
  • If you do not wish for the tech to aclimate your fish the live fish guarantee reverts to what most aquariums offer, where the guarantee only extends until the fish arrives at your door. 
  • If you are not home to receive your fish it will be left in a safe location, however if the fish is left uncollected for longer than an hour the guarantee is no longer valid. 
  • If you wish to claim a DOA please take videos of the fish in water. If you have had the fish aclimated and it hasn't survived the 24hour window please video the fish in the tank and if you can provide photos of a water test. If you had the fish delivered but not aclimated and have collected it within 1 hour of drop off please video the fish still in the bag it was delivered. If you picked up the fish please note that the regular policies of a retail aquarium are valid, the fishes health is only guaranteed until it leaves with you. 
  • Once DOA is claimed you may choose to either have new fish of the same value redelivered (new delivery fees may apply) or you can be refunded the cost of the fish. (Shipping is non-refundable)


Shipping and Deliveries 

  • Please note that all shipping costs are non-refundable even when DOA is claimed as this only covers the cost of the fish.