Aquarium Maintenance

Our primary business is aquarium maintenance, leasing and aquascaping!

Our maintenance service is a call out technician that can either be a once off or regular service.

Regular services include:
- Water tests
- Water change and cleaning
- Appropriate dosing of pH, gH, kH
- Filter cleaning and service 
- Equipment servicing 
- Glass/ Acrylic cleaning
- Fish and plant health recommendations 
- Other required tasks for your specific aquariums health 

Leased tanks are provided and maintained by us regularly and make a perfect addition to a child or age care facility! 

Lease tanks are provided with:
- All items included in the regular service 
- A fully set up aquarium 

Aquascaping is a natural art form that can take lots of practice and patience to get right, by hiring one of our technicians to set up and scape your tank for you you can be guaranteed a gorgeous natural center piece to your household or business.

Setting up an aquascape is a one off service with the option for continued maintenance to ensure your masterpiece stays healthy and beautiful.
The initial aquascape (may) include:
- Hardscape (rock, wood, sand, soil)
- Plants 
- Equipment (filtration, heater, light etc.)

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