Frequently Asked Questions:
  • "Why do you have a minimum order limit?"
    As a small business we need to remain profitable to stay afloat, one way to ensure this is though minimum order limits- for example it wouldn't be worth out time and resources to deliver one neon tetra.
  • "When will my fish be delivered?"
    Times of deliveries can vary widely, all of our fish are preorder only, meaning that we don't hold them in stock and only order them when a customer buys them.
    Delivery times will also be dependent on location, for example those closer to our Warragul dispatch area are most likely to receive their order sooner compared to those in Lakes Entrance as we only visit out that way every few weeks.
    If you'd like a rough date of delivery please contact us directly with your order details. 
  • "Why should I order from you when I can get fish much faster from other aquariums?"
    The quality of our customer service is second to none!
    We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver fish on the same day as dispatch and stress them out as little as possible, meaning that you will receive a healthy and happy fish.
    Unlike other services that can sometimes take days to deliver your fish and having them go through stressful handling and temperature fluctuations that can be stressful or even fatal.
    Additionally your fish will be delivered by one of our professional technicians who are happy to help you acclimate your fish and answer any of your questions while they are there. 
    And of course the most obvious reason to order from us, our fish are cheaper than regular aquariums!
  • "Why are your fish so cheap?"
    This is a simple one to answer, as we are an online store we are able to save on our over head costs- such as rent and retail staff. we are then able to pass these savings onto our customers!
  • "Whats a VIP and what do I need to be one?"
    Currently our VIP program is only available to our monthly or more regular servicing clients. These are customers that have us out regularly to care for and clean their aquariums. They get perks such as further discounts on our fish and free delivery with their servicing.
  • "I'm outside of the map location limits for delivery, can I still order?"
    While we are still working on expanding our range currently we are only able to deliver locally, we are not ready to expand further out just yet until we ensure we have safe delivery methods for our fish in place. If you are JUST outside our limits we might be able to work something out, if you wish to inquire it never hurts to ask. Contact us here.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask us anything using the contact us link here.